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What's Good Games: A Video Game Podcast

Dec 14, 2018

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This week Britt, Andrea and Steimer break down ALL of the announcements from The Game Awards and the Kinda Funny Games Showcase! Also...buff Sonic. Hands-on is ALL about Cattails, Destiny 2, Smash Ultimate and Britt has an update on My Horse Prince. Your questions are answered in the third segment! 

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Time stamps:
0:10 - The final countdown
0:50 - Welcome to the show
5:15 - Learn about getting your postage on demand with
7:30 - Bioware confirmed their teaser trailer for Dragon Age 4
12:30 - Far Cry New Dawn revealed
20:35 - Rage 2 New Gameplay trailer
23:15 - New Anthem story trailer
33:52 - Crash Team Racing announced
35:14 - Joke from Persona 5 joins Smash Bros Ultimate
38:59 - Mortal Kombat 11 Announced
43:04 - BUFF SONIC! Sonic the Hedgehog movie key art
47:14 - Kinda Funny Games Showcase

48:03 - The Walking Dead: Final Season from Skybound Games
49:07 Yakuza Judgement announcement
51:00 - Stardew Valley Multiplayer
54:35 - Epic Games Store launched with Fortnite Creative
57:00 - We gotta catch up on a lot of games
1:00:00 - Break #1
1:00:25 - Segment 2 begins with a message from Bespoke Post
1:03:47 - Britt has been playing Cattails - "Stardew Valley with Cats"
1:11:02 - Horse Prince update
1:12:10 - Andrea is playing Destiny 2: Forsaken The Black Armory
1:17:17 - Andrea needs to make an offering to RNGesus
1:20:22 - Super Smash Bros Ultimate hands-on with Britt
1:27:10 - Break #2
1:27:45- Dear WGG and Reader Mail Q&A
1:28:10 - What are some good games to play co-op that are light and fun?
1:33:15 - Should I approach shopping for games for my daughter differently? What kinds of characters would you recommend?
1:37:55 - Can we continue to be okay with Bethesda putting out buggy games?
1:40:51 - Does max level ruin an open world RPG experience or is it a good thing?
1:44:38 - Naps and food are the best