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What's Good Games: A Video Game Podcast

Jun 22, 2018

It's the week after E3 and the ladies are RECHARGED AF (hahaha that's a joke, we're all still dead) and tackle this week's news, like the news about the Xbox Avatar Editor, Cyberpunk's lack of loading screens, Fallout 76's stealth mode,  Beyond Good & Evil 2's beta and more. Hands-on impressions include Pokemon Let's Go, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, LEGO DC Super Villains, Spyro, Jurassic World Evolution and more. Our third segment is ALL about E3, and we take questions from our Dear WGG Patrons!

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Segment One: News
0:49 Welcome to the show!
9:10 Revamped Xbox Avatar Editor Launched today for Xbox Insiders
16:25 Fallout 76 Stealth mode takes you off the map:
24:04 Beyond Good & Evil 2 Beta “by end of next year”

Segment Two: What We’re Playing
35:36 Welcome back!
36:58 Britt’s Smash Bros. Ultimate impressions
39:06 Britt/Andrea’s Overcooked 2 impressions
41:05 Britt’s Pokémon Let’s Go Impressions
48:33 Steimer’s Spyro impressions
51:22 Andrea’s Elder Scrolls Blades impressions
54:30 Andrea’s Rage 2 impressions
1:01:00 Andrea’s LEGO DC Supervillains impressions
1:04:42 Forza Horizon impressions
1:06:16 Britt’s Tunic impressions
1:10:20 Andrea’s Hitman 2 impressions
1:15:00 Steimer’s “Dinosaurs” (hehe) impressions

Segment Three: Grab Bag
1:27:18 Welcome back, let’s talk all things E3 and answer questions from Dear WGG Patrons!

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