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What's Good Games: A Video Game Podcast

Mar 6, 2019

In this special episode* of What's Good Games, Andrea chats with John Garvin, Creative Director at Sony Interactive Entertainment's Bend Studio. After spending a few hours with a preview build of the upcoming game, they discuss the open world mechanics, how to incorporate narrative into a player-driven game, and if there is hope for Deacon St. John.

*Special access to Days Gone provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment
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1:45 - Does Days Gone have an identity crisis? What is this game? 
2:52 - Who is Deacon? 
3:20 - Incorporating cut scenes into an open world 
5:24 - Explaining the "Storylines" feature to quests 
7:20 - How do you balance narrative progress in an open world? 
9:35 - The crafting system explained 
10:50 - Gameplay grounded in realism: where is the balance in a fantasy world? 
13:10 - Deacon's motorcycle and its upgrade progression 
14:00 - Encampments, vendors, and the "Trust" system 
16:35 - Where the "Days Gone" title comes from 

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