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What's Good Games: A Video Game Podcast

Sep 21, 2018

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This week is a special episode of the Andrea & Steimer show!! The Andimer Show? The Standrea Show? The Steimrea Show? It's a weird mashup folks! We dig into the archives of your Dear WGG questions to answer some hot topics like: what is your dark horse GOTY? What is the deepest Youtube rabbit hole you've ever gone down? And so much more!

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HUGE thank you and shoutout to our awesome Turbo Patrons and above!

0:43 - Welcome!

3:19 - This is our special Q&A show, cause we couldn't think of anything else tbh

6:55 - "What are your current underdogs for GOTY?"

23:00 - "What's the deepest you've ever gone down a YouTube rabbit hole?"

32:10 - "With the rumor of Microsoft Xbox Scarlett - are streaming boxes our future?"

39:39 - "Will BioWare announce Mass Effect or Dragon Age projects soon?"

46:25 - "If you could have pro level skills in a game, which would it be and why?"

53:11 - "How do you respond to 'you're too old to play videogames'?"

1:00:14 - "FOX acquired an adaptation of Vampyr how do you think this will impact the series?"

1:07:28 - LAST QUESTION! "What are some of your biggest gaming regrets?"