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What's Good Games: A Video Game Podcast

Feb 22, 2019

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This week Britt is in Hawaii so Andrea and Steimer hold it down to discuss Google's mysterious GDC event, saying goodbye to the Vita for good, Dreams going Early Access, Anthem's launch woes, and more! In Hands-On they chat about Steimer's time with Far Cry New Dawn, Crackdown 3, and Glass Masquerade, and Andrea's time with Metro Exodus, Tetris 99, and Kingdom Rush Vengeance.

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Time stamps:

News segment:

2:00 - Patreon monthly stream info

3:15 - PAX East panel & meet up info

6:55 - Smile Direct Club special offer

8:10 - Grammarly special offer

10:57 - News begins

12:00 - Google making an announcement at GDC

17:42 - Do you remember Ouya??

20:00 - Dreams is heading into Early Access

27:55 - Dreams copyright issue

29:29 - PS Vita is ceasing production

32:58 - What if Sony made a new gaming phone thing??

37:10 - Want to win Andrea's Vita?

38:00 - Anthem launch issues

39:50 - Dear WGG: Can I play Anthem with no voice chat?

50:30 - Gating access with pre-orders

56:36 - Resident Evil 2 Crossover with PUBG Mobile

1:00:22 - BREAK


Segment 2: Hands-on

1:00:55 - Is your underwear making you happy? (MeUndies special offer)

1:04:03 - Steimer finished Crackdown 3!

1:12:00 - Did Xbox Game Pass make Crackdown successful?

1:14:58 - Andrea's been playing Tetris 99

1:18:58 - Metro Exodus continued impressions

1:23:20 - Baby Ass Baby Mode FTW

1:26:30 - Steimer is digging Far Cry New Dawn

1:36:10 - Kingdom Rush Vengeance is real fun!

1:39:27 - Glass Masquerade is the puzzle game you didn't know you needed

HUGE thank you and shoutout to our awesome Turbo Patrons and above!

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