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What's Good Games: A Video Game Podcast

Jan 5, 2018

Welcome to the first episode of 2018! This week the news is a bit scarce as folks are still coming out of their holiday hibernation, but this week the ladies chat about the death of Kinect and reminisce about its past. Also, PUBG broke its own record and...apparently there are plans for the IP outside of video games? (Shocking no one, right?) Hands-on impressions include Resident Evil VII's DLC, Mom Hid My Game, Final Fantasy XV's Assassin's Festival, Mario Odyssey, Human Fall Flat and more. Finally, what are your gaming goals for 2018? 

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0:45 - Show Starts

0:45 13:21 - Holiday stories

13:50 - Kinect is Dead!

25:59 - PUBG is on FIIIRRREEE!


34:15 - Welcome back

34:46 - Steimer's Dad is not impressed with Mario + Rabbids

39:14 - Britt played 5 million games over break (not really that many)

45:50 - Andrea gets sucked back into Paragon + Mario thoughts

54:48 - Steimer digs into Assassin's Creed: Origins


1:12:21 - Welcome back

1:13:12 - Reader Mail: Our New Years Gaming Resolutions

1:14:01 - Steimer's first goal

1:16:00 - Britt's goal

1:18:44 - Andrea's goal

1:23:35 - Britt's 2nd goal

1:25:00 - Andrea's 2nd goal

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Alexa Ray