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What's Good Games: A Video Game Podcast

Mar 15, 2019

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This week on the show the crew is back chatting about Jade Raymond joining Google, and is Borderlands 3 going to be revealed at PAX East? In hands-on, Britt talks about her time with Final Fantasy IX on Switch, Andrea played more Season of the Drifter, and Steimer dipped her toes into Tom Clancy's The Division 2. They wrap up the show with Andrea interviewing Riana Manuel where they chat about working as an admin in the Kinda Funny community, finding What's Good, and playing games together.

Segment One: News

:43 Welcome!

2:17 WGG streams and PAX East news

9:24 Jade Raymond joins Google/Google’s gaming plans?!

19:50 Brendan Greene has a new role within PUBG

25:16 Borderlands 3 incoming?!

36:33 Halo: The Master Chief Collection coming to PC

44:00 Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Segment Two: Hands-on

53:37 Welcome back! Let’s talk about embarrassing stories because WHY NOT

1:02:09 Final Fantasy IX

1:08:09 Destiny 2: Forsaken – Season of the Drifter

1:10:43 The Division 2

Segment 3: Interview with Riana Manuel

1:37:12 Welcome back!

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