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What's Good Games: A Video Game Podcast

Nov 9, 2018

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The team is back together in the Bay for this week's episode. They chat about the BlizzCon news fallout surrounding Diablo, the crazy announcement of FFXV DLC cancelled and Tabata quitting, Fortnite's wild concurrent numbers, and is more Mass Effect on the way?! Britt has been Moonlighting in Moonlighter, Andrea jumped back into Mass Effect Andromeda with the new patch, and they have been spending a little too much time in the woods of Red Dead Redemption 2. Lastly they celebrate N7 Day with their favorite Mass Effect  memories and hopes for Anthem.

Segment One: News

10:15 Mini Blizzcon recap

25:55 FFXV/Tabata shakeup

33:40 Red Dead Online beta arriving this month?!

39:58 Fortnite is bananas huge!

50:18 A bit of Mass Effect news

Segment Two: Hands-On

1:00:13 Welcome back!

1:04:22 Moonlighter

1:11:20 Mass Effect Andromeda

1:15:55 Red Dead Redemption 2

1:39:20 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Segment Three: Let’s celebrate Mass Effect!

1:50:51 What Mass Effect means to us! 

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