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What's Good Games: A Video Game Podcast

Nov 19, 2018

This week the girls are joined by host/producer/writer extraordinaire Trisha Hershberger! They discuss the newly announced Game Awards nominees including God of War, RDR2, Celeste, and more. Also in the news: Nintendo sued a couple for their ROM site, the U.S. army is using Fortnite to recruit, and they briefly recap X018. In hands-on Trisha has been playing a BUNCH of stuff, Andrea is in love with Tetris Effect, Britt jumped into Fallout 76, and Steimer dipped her toes in the Hitman 2 waters. Lastly, Patreon Producer Lincoln Davis sponsored a segment all about virtual reality. What are the best games of 2018? Where is VR gaming going, and what would make you dust off your VR headset if you haven't been playing?

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Segment One: News
:42 Welcome to the show!
11:20 The Game Awards Nominations
44:45 US Army and Fortnite
48:14 Couple pays Nintendo $12 million for ROMS?
58:10 Detective Pikachu Movie?!
1:04:25 Harry Potter Wizards Unite!
1:09:05 X018 Recap!

Segment Two: Hands-On
1:14:23 Welcome back!
1:14:55 Cook Serve Delicious
1:17:10 We Happy Few
1:22:39 Red Dead Redemption 2
1:25:33 Tetris Effect
1:39:54 Tomb Raider DLC: The Forge
1:44:01 Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry
1:51:22 Hitman 2

Segment Three: Producer Lincoln Davis & VR!
2:03:40 Welcome back! Let's talk about VR.