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What's Good Games: A Video Game Podcast

Feb 23, 2018

This week it's The Britt and Steimer Show, as Andrea is at DICE and Alexa is battling space travel. The ladies chat about the recent executive shifts at Activision, My PlayStation, Nintendo Switch receiving an outdated version of Payday 2 and the Sonic the Hedgehog film, the Uncharted film, the Last of Us film and ALL OF THE VIDEO GAME FILMS. Hands-on impressions include Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Secret of Mana on PS4, The Darkside Detective and more. Finally, Britt and Steimer go down a weird rabbit hole and talk about what they know game romances, and characters who have betrayed them.

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0:46 - Welcome! +Where everyone else is.

4:15 - First news! Sledgehammer leads moving onto other projects

8:04 - a Sonic film is coming! GOTTA GO FAST

12:12 - Naughty Dog speaks about an Uncharted movie

18:50 - a lot more video game movie talk!

24:55 - PlayStation Network features on the web

27:55 - Payday 2 on Switch is worse than all the other versions, whomp whomp



36:55 - We're back!

37:16 - Steimer is still playing Persona 5.... :P

40:00 - How Britt manages to juggle video games + a cool little game called Darkside Detective

42:40 - Steimer dives back into Persona talk

48:13 - Britt's thoughts on Secret of Mana

56:00 - Do you need a guide to play Earthbound?

59:34 - Britt explains Kingdom Come: Deliverance



 1:15:43 - We're back! We start talking Bioware romances.... ;) SPOILER ALERT FOR BIOWARE GAMESSSSS!

 1:19:55 - Britt & Steimer also bonded over the Witcher romances

1:22:10 - Dear Kaidan, I was fucking dead. Kthxbai.

1:23:59 - Solas is the worst

1:25:35 - Blackwalllllllll whyyyy

1:27:15 - Cullen is the best + Alistair & Morrigan

1:29:39 - Andromeda lets you bang right away! Yay!

1:31:15 - Why Steimer doesn't like the Garrus romance

1:33:55 - Romance in Anthem?? What we think it'll be like

1:40:25 - Why videogame romances ruin your life

1:46:48 - Random shoutout & goooodbyyyeee

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